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WE BCS Creates Holiday Boxes to Highlight Local Women Entrepreneurs And Help Boost Local Economy

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Women Entrepreneurs of Bryan/College Station has partnered with more than 20 of its members to launch WE Winter Boxes — a collection of local products and services from female entrepreneurs in the Brazos Valley.

These entrepreneurs either support themselves or help support their families in significant ways. Some changed their business model because of the pandemic, while others were in the middle of making major strides in their business when COVID-19 hit.

College towns have been hit hard by the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, and several local businesses have closed their doors during this time. While not every business can be saved, it is WE’s mission to help as many women as possible to build the successful business of their dreams. These gift boxes are one way to drum up more business for WE members, while letting the community and the nation try some of Aggieland’s hidden gems.

“By supporting local women-owned businesses, you are giving a gift that gives back locally,” says Jennifer Stark, who is participating in the box initiative by offering 1-hour riding lessons at Stark Farms.

WE is offering three different types of boxes this winter:

  • WE Local Box (products & local services)
  • WE Box for Anyone Anywhere (products)
  • The Entrepreneur Box (products & local business services)

Each of the box options is available at the $50 and $100 price point with a value of more than $65 and $120, respectively.

WE Winter Boxes will also feature products from this year’s Lemonade Day winners, a program empowering youth to become business leaders, social advocates, volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow. Each box sold will also include a magazine featuring each WE Winter Box participant, Lemonade Day winners, and WE Award Winners.

Pre-orders are open now through Nov. 15, and boxes will start shipping the first week of December. For locals, a Pickup & Swap Party at Messina Hof Winery will be held on Dec. 6, so the public can save on shipping, mingle with the business owners, and swap out box items with others in attendance!

To learn more and purchase, visit: Local female business owners are also welcome to join the free WE BCS Facebook group:

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