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Top Places To Advertise Your Upcoming Event in BCS

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I compiled this quick list of local places you must submit your events to, in order to gain the most traction. Yes, creating your Facebook event and getting friends to share is good. Planning in advance and having them on every event board: better.

Read more here on why it’s important to post your events constantly, even if your classes sell out.

Post away!

The Eagle

Local newspaper that doesn’t have a whole lot of competition. When I’m done looking up events on Facebook, I head here. This is also one of the more recognized media outlets.



Local news source, with a great social media and online presence. Post your events on their online calendar and be seen again and again by people actively searching for local events.



Everything from happy hour to group meetings, this calendar has it all. It does get a bit overwhelming, but if you want to get out your smaller event, this may be a good place to get noticed as the 


Brazos Life Magazine  (a Bryan Broadcasting Magazine)

From the people who bring you the Best of The Brazos and your favorite radio stations, Brazos Life Magazine is a great place to reach local families.



Our last of the local stations, KAMU is located on campus but reaches the whole Brazos Valley. On the upside, their calendar is one of the cleanest I’ve seen, it has enough entries to be relevant but not so many that your fun event wouldn’t jump out. 


BCS Calendar

A newer local directory of events trying to gain ground locally. They will share about interesting events on their social media account as well!


Experience BCS

Larger events that target tourism. Fundraisers, membership-only events, classes and educational workshops are not accepted. Submissions must be made at least one month in advance.

Of course, make sure your event is at least on Facebook. Eventbrite will also help to get you noticed. 

The bottom line here: plan ahead & post everywhere.  

Happy event planning!