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Kat’s Testimonial

I work full time in our business outside of the home and make it to about 50% of meet ups. We have a babysitter though. I make it an absolute point to take off for 2 hours a month to go to these because they truly are beneficial for the mind heart and for networking your business! I basically look at it as a business meeting that I cannot miss.

Amelia McCracken
When I’m not working, networking, or mentoring, I love hanging out with my supportive super-husband, Josh , craycray but adorable 2 year old, Kalvin, and lazy fluffy lovable rug of a mini schnoodle named Dixie. ----------------- 3 Bucket list items: 1) visit all 12 Disney parks 2) design a book cover; sell at least one of my companies for over 1M 3) work for Marvel (i’ll accept being cast as an unnamed extra) ------------------ I love reading but not writing, margs but not beer, lemonade but not tea, Superman but not Batman, traveling but not airplanes, all-nighters but not coffee, purple but not pink, computers but not Word, and prefer savory over sweet. I could eat Mexican food for every meal and listen to Lizzo on repeat all day.