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Jennifer’s Testimonial

Love meeting some of the ladies in this group and can’t wait to meet more!! Kathie Murphey Hitt came out last week with husband and Jane Zhang came out this week with her lovely family. Everyone has been so friendly. I love how supportive this group is and I’m so happy Terry Lynn Primeaux recommended it to me!!

Amelia McCracken
When I’m not working, networking, or mentoring, I love hanging out with my supportive super-husband, Josh , craycray but adorable 2 year old, Kalvin, and lazy fluffy lovable rug of a mini schnoodle named Dixie. ----------------- 3 Bucket list items: 1) visit all 12 Disney parks 2) design a book cover; sell at least one of my companies for over 1M 3) work for Marvel (i’ll accept being cast as an unnamed extra) ------------------ I love reading but not writing, margs but not beer, lemonade but not tea, Superman but not Batman, traveling but not airplanes, all-nighters but not coffee, purple but not pink, computers but not Word, and prefer savory over sweet. I could eat Mexican food for every meal and listen to Lizzo on repeat all day.