WE Annual Membership – The Startup

$135.00 / year

WE Memberships were designed with you in mind.

Lunch Bunch, Bummer Hour, and Business Book Club. Join Us!

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Why Become a Member?

Imagine what you could achieve with the right tools, support, and resources! Grow your business with the support and collaborations of like-minded women. Learn from our Expert Members about how to successfully grow a business.

The Startup Annual Package includes free to attend events such as Lunch Bunch & Bummer Hour.

Lunch Bunch is designed for networking and trying out new restaurants and places in town. Bummer Hour is our spin on Happy Hour, and comes with zero expectations for you to network. It sometimes involves drinks, pools, horses, and other resources members in the group have offered us.

It also includes discounts on other events and classes, including the new Business Book Club.