Overwhelmed? Lonely? You landed in the right place.

Tired of hearing things like “You should get a real job” or “How long do you think you’ll do this for?”

While we can’t make all of the negative comments from family and friends go away, we can provide you with a source of encouragement when the people you love the most don’t seem to quite understand this path you have chosen for your life.

We’re here to tell you that “You’re not crazy”. You’re not crazy for not being content with being paid a ton of money to do soul-sucking work. You aren’t crazy to choose supplementing your family’s income with what used to be a hobby.

And it’s not that we don’t think we are crazy. You have to be a little crazy to think differently. The thing is, in this group, we’re all the same kind of crazy so nobody actually feels crazy when they’re around each other. And that’s the magic of it all.

Lunch Bunch & Bummer Hour

Lunch Bunch: Get out of the house, you know you want to! Our lunch bunches are fun, casual, and full of laughter. We try out different places to eat together, share news and simply catch up with others we may not have seen in a while.

Lunch Bunches are planned every Full Moon. Check your moon calendar (or the WE BCS- Member Only Group) for our next meeting dates!


Bummer Hour: For those who want to get together, but don’t necessarily have the “happy” to bring to “Happy Hour”. We get you – from trying out the latest trendy places with zero pressure to hanging out in someone’s back yard, Bummer Hours are sure to revitalize you… or let you be alone with people who truly understand what being alone and lonely is… we’ll leave you alone if that’s the mood you come with – promise!

More on Bummer Hour...

Don’t feel like talking much these days?

Been hiding from your friends and getting more and more anti-social as the depression and anxiety mount?

Just feeling bummed out but don’t know why?

Bummer Hour is the event for you. The whole premise is to be alone together. No cheery attitude needed, no talking necessary either if you’re not up for it.

Bring a book, laptop, earphones or a magazine and just get away from your house for a minute. I’m literally inviting you over to come ignore everyone if you want to. Work, don’t work, lounge in the pool or read in the shade.

There’s a lot of socially anxious ladies in here so if that’s you, consider this a formal invite to come to your first event and not risk making a “bad” impression because of your mood.

WE Awards*

Get recognized for your amazing accomplishments!

We will be announcing award-winners in a printed magazine to showcase the incredible accomplishments of our members – you could be one of them! In the future, we plan to host a members-only Awards Gala.

2020's Award Categories:

Promote your Business (NEW!)

As a member, you are able to promote your business by writing guest posts on our website.

We’ve been brainstorming different ways to help our members get more visibility. We’d love for you to submit blog posts based on whatever YOUR expertise is. We will post to our website for all the world to see. Don’t forget to share to your social media as well! You and your business will be credited with your name, contact info, website/social, and logo.

Classes & Events

Attend business development classes and networking events at a discounted price or even free!

Business Classes: Our Daytime and Nighttime Education Committees have been working hard to plan regularly scheduled classes and workshops. Members get the opportunity to teach these classes and earn money. Stay tuned for the schedule! 

A couple of the classes we have already co-hosted include: Instagram, Bookkeeping, and Websites

Networking Events: We have been hosting monthly members-only Lunch Bunches and in 2020, we introduced monthly Happy Hours to accommodate more schedules. 

Local Markets: We have partnered with The Symphony’s Premiere Market. We bought a booth at the market to feature the products from multiple members and created a big banner with members’ logos. We hope to partner with other local markets in the future.

Local Events: We partnered with the Texas A&M Women’s Basketball team to increase exposure to WE and to our members. View the promo videos our members created here.

Members-Only Content

In your email, on our website, and even on your phone!

Newsletter: In addition to our public community newsletter, receive a periodic members-only newsletter with content tailored to local Women Entrepreneurs.

WE Website: Our new system has been quietly installed on our website. We are now able to create hidden content for only our members to see. That means online classes, special offers and discounts, free downloads, and more. 


Network and learn from other local women entrepreneurs doing business in your community.

A Mastermind is an invaluable opportunity to network and learn from other Women Entrepreneurs at the same stage of business as you, but with different expertise and in different fields of work.

Our WE Masterminds are small groups of women entrepreneurs who meet monthly to discuss their goals, struggles and get feedback from others on how to move forward. Our groups range from 4-8 people, and come in three different levels, from Startup to Established.

We are also testing out our new Matchmaking Masterminds!

Marie WE Care

And more!

We want to hear from you!

We are continually making changes based on feedback and creative ideas. Let us know how we can improve the membership:
Marie-Anne Holland, Owner