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WE Help Women Become Successful Entrepreneurs

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WE Help Women Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Welcome to WE!

We’ve done it the hard way, and then we learned to do it the smart way.

We don’t want you to go through every mishap and hurdle we did. From being lonely to being overwhelmed, we have felt it and been there.

Your journey into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be as hard as it is. We want you to succeed and enjoy the entrepreneurship journey from the start - that’s why we’re here.

Through networking opportunities, mentorship, exposure and training, your business will bloom into what you envisioned.

We're putting together the channels to promote our members as well as forming partnerships with organizations and businesses, all so you can succeed and know exactly where to go when you need help or resources.

We’ve done the hard work and put in our years, and we’re ready to help others do the same. Learn how to start and grow scalable businesses that allow you to live the lifestyle you want.

We’re not saying your struggles will end. We’re saying you don’t have to struggle alone! And we're pretty sure what we have to offer will help you along the way 🙂

Your biggest cheerleaders,

Marie-Anne & Amelia

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What People Say

WE get it!

 We understand the unique struggles that being a woman entrepreneur brings and we have created a unique community around that fact. Your days of being lonely, misunderstood, afraid, and anxious are over – if you’re willing to put yourself out there and do the work.