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Zeal Design Studio is the home of freelance graphic designer and illustrator Nicole Holmes. She provides businesses and individuals with print design solutions that fit their style and target audience. Each client is unique with their own goals and style, so communication between client and designer is key to effective graphic design. Nicole is excited to learn about your businesses, events, products and ideas. Whether you are meat-and-potatoes or sequins-and-sparkles, she will develop a look to enhance your image. Nicole has been serving clients as Zeal Design Studio since 2006.

Nicole offers a variety of graphic design services including:

Logos • Invitations • Brochures • Business Cards • Banners • Advertisements • Billboards • Book Covers • Museum Displays • Magazines • Packaging • Illustration

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ZEAL: n. enthusiastic and diligent devotion in pursuit of a cause, ideal or goal; fervent adherence or service; ardor; fervor; synonym- passion, Romans 12:11


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