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Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Speaker, Author

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Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Speaker, Author

Create Meaningful Lifestyle Design

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Margo DeGange

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Margo DeGange
Author and Speaker, Margo DeGange, M. Ed. Known for her work in meaningful Lifestyle Design, Margo DeGange teaches audiences to ditch the pressure to live to impress and embrace a lifestyle of purpose and spiritual rest. Margo is a business & lifestyle designer, book publisher, and adult learning & motivation specialist. She’s the founder of Women of Splendor, a faith-based mentoring organization, and Splendor Publishing, where leaders with important life-work get their life-changing messages to others quickly and with ease. She is also the creative behind the groundbreaking Certified Interior Environment Coaching program for life coaches, interior designers, and wellness professionals. Margo publishes the Women of Splendor Magazine and produces the Women of Splendor 4-Seasons Conferences. She also hosts the celebrated Luxury Leadership Retreat. Margo holds a Master of Education (Adult Education & Instructional Design), a Bachelor of Science (Leadership & Communication), an Associate of Arts (Speech Communication), and various certifications in the interior design industry. She also holds a certificate in Human Behavior from the Leadership Institute of America, and is a certified DISC facilitator. Margo has been featured in scores of books, magazines, and articles, and has appeared on many talk and radio shows and stages during her career. Her favorite work is showing audiences how to create a rich lifestyle of meaning and purpose. For almost 30 years, she has left her indelible marks in the lives of others, insisting that the greatest contribution any of us can make is to live and work with integrity of heart; show sincere love and care for others; design environments that empower and inspire; and use our gifts and creativity to positively change the world.