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Fran B. Duane, LCSW

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Fran B. Duane, LCSW

Encompass Health

I am Counselor, therapist or some prefer psychotherapist.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for emotional and behavior disorders.  I am currently in Network with BCBS PPO and will courtesy bill out of network insurance.  I work with adolescents, college students, young adults and adults who suffer from depression, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed, difficult with decision making and stress related concerns.  I can provide retesting and supportive interventions for people with ADHD.  I can also provide support and counseling for adoption, adoption disruption, and attachment issues.   I work with professionals and can provide life coach services for people who do not meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis.  Additionally, I can work with limited sexuality issues including pornography, abuse related intimacy avoidance and communication conflicts.  I do limited couples counseling as I am avidly pro-marriage and do not ever advice separation while doing therapy unless there is domestic violence, criminal activity or other abuse of any kind.  Same week appointments are available.


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4040 Frontage Road Hwy 6 . College Station, TX
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