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Pets are family

Veterinary hospice is a family-centered, medically supervised, and team-oriented service dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill or geriatric pet until natural death occurs or the family elects euthanasia.  We do not perform any diagnostics or blood-work, but will work closely with your family and your primary veterinarian to link in-home observations and needs with the best care possible.

In-home euthanasia is a beautiful service that I am honored to provide - for the simple reason that it is what I want for my own pets.  Euthanasia means "good death", and it is a gift we can offer to our animals that have given us so much over the years.  You can say goodbye without anxiety and agitation, as they sit in their favorite sunny spot surrounded by love.

Please visit our website or contact our support center for more information, comfort, or to schedule an appointment.


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