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OurGrayAreas Counseling Center is a non-clinical organization providing mental health services in Brazos, Harris, and neighboring counties. Programs are included but not limited to: Batterer Intervention Prevention Program (BIPP), Anger Management, Family Intervention, Positive Action Intervention, Drugs & Addiction Intervention, Anti-Theft/Shoplifting addiction. The programs are designed to integrate mind with optimism, inspire, & breakthrough the cognitive distortions followed by educate individuals a concrete process for self-reflection aimed at uncovering other negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. Recognizing what needs to be changed regarding individual's behavioral patterns with self-understanding and consideration would impact in his/her actions since our thoughts lead to our feelings which then turn into our actions. Thus, intervening in negative thoughts and feelings can result in a positive action and provide a better quality of life.

I have more than a decade of working experiences in mental health field, completed my BS & MS in Psychology. I'm also trained and accredited by TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice). I am a licensed chemical dependency counselor (LCDC) and have a long-term goal to complete my Ph.D in Clinical Psychology or PsyD. program. My focus is to continuously work in the intervention part of social service.
I'm a believer, family oriented, productive person, and a lifetime learner; any contents to keep my brain occupied like listening to podcast, music, reading, & foremost-sleeping. I love to work in mental health field not only because of my compassion but also provides inner rewards and satisfaction. I'm looking forward to dedicate many more years in the field with God's will!!!

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OurGrayAreas Counseling Center is a non-clinical organization providing mental health… Read More