WE Help Women Become Successful Entrepreneurs

More women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs, entering the market part or full-time, often with kids in tow, little education, and no idea where to begin. Women Entrepreneurs (WE) is here to offer support, education, and connections to grow their businesses.

WE started out as a simple Facebook group to support local women entrepreneurs. Now we’re happy to debut our new official organization with even more to offer! We will continue to offer free constant support via the WE Facebook group, but starting now, we will also be providing next-level services for those who want to grow successful businesses.

Why We Started WE

We’ve done it the hard way, and then we learned to do it the smart way. We don’t want you to go through every mishap and hurdle we did. From being lonely to being overwhelmed, we have felt it and been there.

Your journey into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be as hard as it is. We want you to succeed and enjoy the entrepreneurship journey from the start – that’s why we’re here.

Through networking opportunities, mentorship, exposure and training, your business will bloom into what you envisioned.

We’re putting together the channels to promote our members as well as forming partnerships with organizations and businesses, all so you can succeed and know exactly where to go when you need help or resources.

We’ve done the hard work and put in our years, and we’re ready to help others do the same. Learn how to start and grow scalable businesses that allow you to live the lifestyle you want.

We’re not saying your struggles will end. We’re saying you don’t have to struggle alone! And we’re pretty sure what we have to offer will help you along the way.


Your biggest cheerleaders,

Marie-Anne & Amelia

About Marie-Anne, Co-Founder of WE

Marie-Anne Holland has wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as she remembers, taking college classes on the topic and helping for Texas A&M’s Entrepreneurship Society, now called CEO. Marie graduated with a MIS degree, a combination of business and IT skills that helped her snag a job locally as a Software Developer straight out of college.

After a few years working for a large corporation, Marie decided that finding a local small business would be a good idea to get a better picture of how they’re truly run. It was at this time that she got pregnant and found a small daycare to put her daughter in. She found out the daycare was for sale soon after, and bought it a few months later. If she didn’t buy a business that literally fell on her lap while breastfeeding, when would she ever get the courage to do so?

After a year of trying to do it alone, Marie-Anne Holland started the WE Facebook group in 2018 as a way to connect to other entrepreneurs and feel less isolated in her new role as business owner. She aimed to form a supportive local community that could help each other in times of trouble, celebrate victories together (big and small!), and come up with creative solutions to repetitive problems that would benefit the community.

She is now focused on building a bigger local community through this organization that she hopes is helpful for entrepreneurs at any stage. Amazingly, the feedback she gets most often is “I wish I had known about this group before I started my business”.

About Amelia, Co-Founder of WE

Amelia was born a second generation Aggie, but raised in Austin. After visiting nearly every football season throughout childhood, Amelia finally called College Station home upon being accepted at Texas A&M University. She took advantage of the flexible University Studies degree and chose a curriculum consisting of everything that interested her – photography, architecture, creative studies, graphic design, animation, art history, and more.

Upon graduation, Amelia began her own business in College Station called U Name It! Creative Services, doing photography, custom cakes, and graphic design.

She has now started a new business Ment Marketing & Creative Services, a unique full-service marketing agency with a focus on mentorship. Through Ment, students are able to build their portfolio and gain real-world experience before graduating.

Strongly committed to giving back to her community and her alma mater, you can find Amelia at a number of networking and charity events around town. She is currently a member of several local and national organizations including: Aggie Women, American Business Women’s Association, BCS Chamber of Commerce, Association of Former Students Century Club, and of course, Women Entrepreneurs BCS.

Are you our newest member?

We hope so! We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.