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Wines My Thing

Here's to the Grapes that turned into Wine which created the Friends that turned into Family!

I'm thrilled you have landed on our page and I can't wait to raise a glass with you in the very near future! Our vision is to provide the best wine lifestyle experience in the world. Headquartered in the famed Napa Valley, WineShop at Home is the only direct seller to offer our own exclusive, artisan wine brands available nowhere else on earth. We envision a world where the enjoyment, education and purchasing of wine is a pursuit and pleasure available to everyone. We aspire to be recognized worldwide as the most innovative, fun and accessible in-home Wine Tasting and buying experience in the marketplace, with a wine career opportunity second to none. In addition, we foster the education, enjoyment and healthy consumption of wine and food.




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Rachel Thompson

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Rachel Thompson
Howdy! Thank you for finding me here on WE! I am born and raised in Montana and have now resided in College Station, TX for 3 years! I'm sure like many people's story, our journey to College Station began with admission into Texas A&M. My husband, our 2 kids, and I were previously living in Georgia where he attended Georgia Tech. When he graduated he wanted to continue on with his Masters and chose to do that here in College Station. Honestly, I don't know if I had even heard of College Station, TX before he was accepted. We came for 3 days to check out a house prior to his deployment and then moved here just 4 short months after that! Back in 7th grade I knew I wanted to own my own bakery or become a dental hygienist. I went on and became a dental hygienist at the encouragement of my parents who told me that I could do baking as a hobby. It's funny looking back how you can see all of these events leading up to what you are and do today--at least for me, that was the case. I knew when I was thinking about both of these career field choices that my independence was important to me. I've always known I was a hard worker. I also knew that I wanted to have flexibility in my life to build a life I was in charge of because I wanted to have a family that I was fully present for. I started with a wine company, WineShop at Home (, in an effort to still bring in an income while staying home and raising my family. This company has been such a blessing to me and my family's life. Within the first 5 months of being in the business I had earned an all-expense-paid trip for my husband and I. Fast forward to the present and we have been on all-expense-paid vacations, thanks to this flexible side gig, to Cancun, Barcelona Spain, Los Cabos, Costa Rica, Vienna, and an earned Jan. '20 trip on the largest cruise ship in the world, Symphony of the Seas. In November of 2018, I decided it was time to take another leap into the entrepreneurial world by starting my own home-based baking business called A Touch of Buttercream. Buttercream has always been my favorite frosting and there is nothing like homemade goodness. I grew up on homemade everything so, naturally, it makes sense that I would want to create these delicious experiences for others as well. This is the mission of A Touch of Buttercream- to bring back the beauty and taste of times past. From homemade family recipes of muffins and cookie recipes to delicious cakes, cupcakes and more I am loving this journey! I'm also excited to be apart of the new WE experience as well. Since arriving in College Station, I have really looked for a group of individuals that were like-minded. Thanks to the founders of WE, I have the opportunity to get to know almost a 1000 of them! I look forward to connecting with you whether it be as a wine and dessert lover or to just connect as friends or entrepreneurs. There is room for everyone to do what they love. I look forward to being one of those women that will empower others to live the business life they want on their own terms. Cheers! Rachel